Aquaguard Kent Comparison Essay

Health and wellbeing are the essential consideration for a healthy life. The rapidly growing water pollution has made it necessary for every household to have a water purifier. However, when it comes to choose the water purifier for your family it became important to get the best water purifier for your home. Mostly, in urban areas where almost every household is dependent on bore well water or overhead tankers. Since these water sources are highly contaminated with lots of chemicals, and other harmful impurities.they are unfit for human consumption. Therefore, it’s been a developing need to have the most advanced water purifier for home.

Water Purifier Comparison Between Kent Grand Plus & Aquaguard Enhance  

There are so many water purifiers available in the market which makes it difficult for us to choose the best water purifier. But we also have some good water purifier brands like Kent, Aquaguard, and Pureit. These water purifier are well known for their performance in the market. But here the question comes how we can choose the best water purifier among them. To make you select the best water purifier, we have made the comparison between the leading water purifier in India. Here we have mentioned the water purifier comparison Kent Grand Plus and Aquaguard Enhance.

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Kent Grand Plus RO-UV-UF

Kent Grand Plus is the leading water purifier in India and comes with the best RO membrane. It provides the double purification of RO+UV+UF which gives 100% pure water. Kent grand plus also comes with inbuilt TDS controller which retains the natural essential minerals and also allows to adjust the mineral content in your drinking water.

The body material of this water purifier is of non-breakable food safe ABS plastic Therfore, it ensures that no chemical leech into the pure water and also there will be no scope of corrosion also. The look and design of this water purifier are very elegant with a unique water level indicator on the storage tank that looks stylish and spares the extra space of your kitchen. Kent grand plus also adds some of the special features like UV fail alarm and filter change alarm that will notify the user when there is a need to change them. It is a fully automatic and have a computer controlled operation with auto ON an OFF which automatically detects when there is a need to start purification of water.

Specification and Features of Kent Grand Plus

  • Double purification of RO+UV+UF With TDS controller to give 100 pure drinking water
  • Fully automatic with auto ON and OFF
  • Fail sail mechanism with filter change alarm and UV fail alarm
  • TDS Controller which retains the natural essential minerals
  • Large storage capacity of 8 litres which provides continuous supply of pure water in the absence of electricity
  • Suitable for any source of water
  • Nontoxic food safe ABS plastic body material
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Aquaguard Enhance RO-UV

Aquaguard Enhance RO-UV water purifier is well known water purifier that comes from the house of Eureka Forbes. It comes with the combination of RO and UV to give purified water. The design of this water purifier is good for that suits your kitchen. Aquaguard Enhance gives the storage capacity of 7 litres which is good for a small family. It has all necessary features to clean the water. This water purifier is suitable any source of water.

Specification and features of Aquaguard Enhance RO-UV

  •  Water purification combination of RO-UV which gives purified water
  • Storage capacity of 7 litres
  • TDS regulator that Adds extra minerals to water
  • Special silver impregnated carbon cartridge that Enhance the taste of water
  • Suitable for any source of water
  •  ABS plastic Body material
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Hope the above mentioned comparison help you to make the better decision to bring home the best water purifier. Visit some online stores to purchase the water purifier as they will offer you the discounted price with same warranty.

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 Aquaguard ± A brand that needs no introduction

With the rising alertness about drinking pure water tolead a healthy life and stay safe from water bornediseases, more and more people have joined the race of buying advanced water purifiers. It is RO that is rulingthe roost, the purifying technique being recommended atplaces where the TDS content in water is very high.There are, no doubt, numerous brands of the RO systemin the market. You can even get few of the brands rightat home via direct sales. One company that has carved aniche as a household name, maintaining its hold over theyears by introducing next generation water purifiers, isEureka Forbes.You will often hear the phrase µEureka Forbes RO filter¶ inreply to your query about which RO filter is the best inany blog forum ± such is the popularity. And who has notheard about the Aquaguard; this brand needs nointroduction at all. At a time when the RO system wasintroduced initially in India, there were hardly any otherbrands that hit the market. Soon it was the EurekaForbes RO system that people started using with greatsatisfaction. The company stays in sync with the latesttrends and every Eureka Forbes RO system is a true

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