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What is the OBU all about?

This is a unique programme designed by ACCA in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University intended to ensure that all students registering with ACCA have the opportunity to acquire not just the ACCA accounting qualification but also a university bachelor degree.

Below you will find a brief overview of the OBU programme which summarises the main initial aspects of the Oxford Brookes University BSc Honours in Applied Accounting.

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*Passed your RAP and now have the BSc Applied Accounting?*

Why not develop your skills further and increase your career opportunities?
Oxford Brookes University offers the following Masters degrees specially aimed at ACCA graduates:

An *MSc Applied Accounting*

The flexible learning *Global MBA*

*Want to help fellow OBU students?*

OBU is looking to add to its *student representatives* so that you as a student, can have a real say and influence over the courses it offers.

This would involve your time in attending the occasional meeting (estimated to be a maximum of about 3 or 4 per year) at the Brookes Headington Campus (a short bus ride from Oxford City Centre with bus links from Oxford Railway station) and possible Skype sessions with senior members of the OBU Applied Accounting team and ACCA staff. Although the positions are unpaid all expenses and travel costs will be fully refunded and lunch is normally provided when on campus.

This could be a great thing to have on your CV and show potential employers that you are proactive. Another bonus might be the networking effect for later on in your career as you will have made personal contacts at the University.

Please note:

for logistical reasons only* UK based* students can be considered.

For further details on becoming a student representative please contact the ACCA Brookes office at ACCA at


Referencing – The Open Tuition Ultimate Guide to Referencing your RAP

‘Golden Rules’ and Principles of Good Referencing for the RAP

FAQs regarding Referencing in the RAP

See also:

Top 5 Reasons for failure (article by The Learning Luminarium)N

What is the OBU all about?

This is a unique programme designed by ACCA in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University intended to ensure that all students registering with ACCA have the opportunity to acquire not just the ACCA accounting qualification but also a university bachelor degree.

Most UK university bachelor degrees take 3 years to complete but by joining forces, the ACCA and OBU present a ‘fast-track’ way of getting those all important BSc letters after your name, but without any real short-cuts!  While you have been toiling over all of your ACCA exams you have been demonstrating technical accounting skills – just like students on Accounting and Finance courses offered by other Universities.

Learn more 

What is involved?

Most students are able to fulfil the OBU requirements in 3 months!  This does entail a fair amount of concentrated effort but is realistically achievable for the average student.  To pass you need to submit a Research & Analysis Project (RAP) – a formal written 7,500 word report – on one of 20 set topics which meets OBU’s academic requirements,  together with a 2,000 word ‘Skills & Learning Statement’ (basically a self-reflection on how you covered the overall RAP objectives and how the process has helped you improve your study habits, communication and potential study/job prospects).  Learn more 

OBU Information Pack

OBU has produced an OBU RAP Information Pack, it contains a mixture of information relating to many of the rules on how your RAP grade will impact on the classification of the honours degree if you pass, the timetable for submission, various checklists, the current submission fee,  but most importantly in the Appendices (currently Appendix 1) you will find the Assessment Criteria.
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Download OBU Information Pack  to find out all the OBU requirements and gives a lot of advice to get you started.

The Research & Analysis Project (RAP)

This is a formal 7,500 word report on one of 20 set subjects.

In addition to the Research & Analysis report you must also submit a 2,000 word (approx.) Skills and Learning Statement and Presentation slides at the same time.

Learn more

Evaluation and Analysis

In order to produce a successful RAP you have to evaluate and / or analyse information from a range of sources. This means creating some meaning of what you have found, or making a judgment or coming to a conclusion. If you only report the information that you have found or generated, you will not pass the RAP. The ability to evaluate and / or analyse information is a very important graduate attribute and the grade that you are awarded for your RAP will be significantly influenced by ‘how well’ you demonstrate your evaluative and/or analytical skills in your RAP.

Evaluation and Analysis in the RAP Part 1 | Evaluation and Analysis in the RAP Part 2 | Evaluation in the Context of the RAP Topics


Referencing (along with Evaluation and Analysis) remains the most common reason for failure of first submissions. This is particularly frustrating for a student when they have otherwise done a very good RAP as it means that any resubmission can only ever achieve a C grade.

The article contains hints and guidelines to avoid a failure. It is basically in 3 parts:

Part 1, is background information about why there is the emphasis on referencing in the first place, which then helps you appreciate Part 2 which sets out the Golden Rules. Part 3 answers some frequently asked questions. The last of these questions, Q10, contains a lot of useful links to websites where you will find more details of how to deal with particular types of references (it would be impossible to outline all of these in one article). However if you explore the links you will find that with some of them you can enter the type of reference you are having a problem with and it will show you how to deal with it.

Choosing your Mentor

In order to complete your RAP you will need to have a project mentor.

The mentor should be someone whom you feel is the right person to help guide you through the RAP process.

How to choose a Mentor?

Submission and Assessment Criteria

There are 2 opportunities per year to submit your work: May and November.
The project must be submitted online at the Oxford Brookes University submission portal website by the date of latest submission.

Learn more about deadlines, fees and acceptable formats


OBU Results

The Academic Conduct Office (ACO)

The Academic Conduct Office (ACO) is the OBU department that deals with any potential infringements of the University rules or regulations. It exists to maintain the integrity of the University’s degree system and to ensure that all students comply with the expected standards of academic behaviour demanded of a UK university.

Learn more


Are you puzzled by your marker’s comments? Are you struggling to make sense of your feedback sheet and relate it to your work? We have produced an article to help students decipher the marker’s comments. Understanding what the Marker Feedback really meant


Although failing the RAP or SLS (either the written part or the Presentation) first time will obviously be a disappointment, you will have 2 further attempts to make good any deficiencies.

RAP Submission and Assessment Criteria

The Resubmission Statement – how a good one is your key to success on resubmission


OBU Forum moderator  have answered some of the most frequently asked questions,  and an OBU marker for the BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting has added a few relevant comments. Read OBU FAQ here 

If your question is not answered, please search or post them on OBU forums

OBU Support forums

Only on OpenTuition you can find expert and free advice from people who really know about the OBU RAP.  If you have a query or a useful comment then you can post this to the appropriate forum and share it with others.

See how OpenTuition can help you get your OBU BSc (Hons) Degree

Visit also OBU Forums for expert advice from contributors who have had years of experience in helping students prepare for their RAP submission and in some cases contributors who themselves have gained their degree by going through the OBU RAP process.

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