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A few weeks ago we posted a call for questions for Greg Muccio, who is in charge of hiring interns at Southwest Airlines. Here are the questions and his answers. (And don’t forget that Southwest Airlines’ Summer Internships will only be posted through 11/30/09.)

Question 1 – From Jessica

Hi, Greg. I’m from the DFW area and am very familiar with the greatness of Southwest! I have a general internship question for you:I graduated from college back in 2002 but am now looking at internships as a way to make a career transition after recent well-known economic events fueled my personal motivation to change my career track a little bit. I have lots of skills that transfer to other job titles but little knowledge of the industries I want to be in, and I’m lacking a few industry-specific skills, so internships seem like a good way for me to get that experience. I’m running into two problems: Nearly all internships say they are open only to current students or recent grads, and I’m always afraid employers will look at my years of professional work experience and brand me “overqualified.” Do you have any recommendations for finding an internship that will fit me as an “adult” intern, and do you think employers will indeed see me as overqualified, even though I would be applying for internships clearly not in my field of expertise?

Greg’s Answer: Geez, thanks for starting with a tough one…The challenge is that many companies (including Southwest Airlines) require you to be a current student/recent grad in order to participate in their program. My suggestion would be to target smaller companies in the industry you desire. They are more likely to be talent strapped right now and might be open to giving someone experience in exchange for getting work done. Also, change your resume to have more focus on your transferrable skills and less on your previous work history.

Question 2 – From Rico

I came across this opportunity from Syracuse University’s Job Posting Site. I am very interested in interning with Southwest because since freshman year I have always learned in many of my classes that Southwest is one of the top leaders in its industry.

I am currently a junior majoring in accounting and finance at Syracuse University. After reviewing the different opportunities Southwest has to offer, I am interested in the Internal Audit internship because it is aligned with my future goals.

I would like to learn more about the internship program. My questions are as follows:

How long is the internship program? I understand that it is full time but if the semester ends in May, when do I start and when do I end?

Also, what kind of training do interns at the internal audit division typically go through before starting to work?

Lastly, what kind career opportunities does southwest offer after the internship?

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Greg’s Answer: The internship dates are from 5/24-8/13. You will get a mentor in that department to help you and they will put you on multiple assignments to gain experience. Nothing is guaranteed long-term for permanent employment. First, you have to do an outstanding job and then there has to be an opening in that department. We average hiring about 17 % of our Interns that graduate that year. About half of those get hired get hired in departments other than where they interned.

Question 3 – From :)

How should we present ourselves at interviews? What should we say? Should we take a risk and be lightly humorous and fun on our cover letters?
If I’m applying for things like marketing, and have no formal working experiences, what kind of experiences or skills should I include in my resume?

Greg’s Answer: Be yourself. Be prepared to talk about yourself in a clear and articulate way. Be prepared to give examples of your experience that best fits the position which you are applying for. It might come from class experience, teamwork situations, projects/etc. We LUV humor here when appropriate—know your audience.

For your resume, it’s for an internship so we don’t expect to see a lot of previous “experience”, but general work experience is important. List some of the key Marketing classes that you have taken. List organizations that you are actively involved in especially ones aligned with your major.

Question 4 – From Bassem

When and where do I send in my cover letter, unofficial transcript, essay:”Why Southwest Airlines” and letters of recommendation?

Greg’s Answer: Right now, all you need to do is apply and submit your resume. The other will be requested if you move forward in the process.

Question 5 – From Nicholas

I am a student at Michigan State University, and I am majoring in marketing and specializing in both Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. I recently applied for an internship with Southwest because I know this is a company that will allow me to reach my full potential, while allowing interns to have great experiences. However, like you said there are thousands of applicants, and I was wondering how do I make myself stand out among the rest? I know that my resume is in line for the internship, but how do I make sure my resume does not get over looked?

Greg’s Answer: It is tough competition, make sure you show:

  • Core classes—ones that are subject matter applicable to the internship.
  • Work experience—not necessarily in a corporate setting or in the field. We will mentor you on that, but we don’t have time to teach someone the value of work ethic and that coming to work and being on time are important. Also it shows you can focus on more than one thing.
  • Involvement in campus organizations—especially ones relevant to your major or area of interest. Involvement in these organizations gives you opportunity to demonstrate leadership and teamwork.
  • Involvement in the community.

on your resume.

Question 6 – From ^_^

Are the flight benefits for Southwest Airline Interns also available for their family and close friends?

Greg’s Answer: Right now, all you need to do is apply and submit your resume. The other will be requested if you move forward in the process.

Question 4 – From Bassem

When and where do I send in my cover letter, unofficial transcript, essay:”Why Southwest Airlines” and letters of recommendation?

Greg’s Answer: Right now, all you need to do is apply and submit your resume. The other will be requested if you move forward in the process.

Question 6 – From Bassem

When and where do I send in my cover letter, unofficial transcript, essay: “Why Southwest Airlines” and letters of recommendation?

Greg’s Answer: No, only the Intern.

Question 7 – From Jenna

How is my resume processed and reviewed after I submit my application?

Thousands of students apply to the No Limits Internship Program. What qualities, characteristics, cover letters, and resumes rise above the other applications?

Southwest is a fun-luving company. Is it acceptable to use this relaxed attitude and loves life attitude within a cover letter?

Stereotypes are rough, accounting especially. I hope that I can bring an energetic creative style to the Internal Audit department and break freeeeee from downer stereotypes.

Greg’s Answer: The first step is a resume review by the Recruiters and hiring department. If you get passed that, then there is a phone interview, then a face to face interview. We contact everyone (e-mail or phone) that applies and will let you know if you are moving to the next step or if you are no longer in the running.

If asked to submit an essay, I would definitely show your FUN-LUVing side!

Many of our Accountants and Auditors have personality—lot’s of it as evidence this past Halloween during our skits.

Question 8 – From :)

If a job entails skills A B C D E F should i put on my resume A A B B C or should i put A B C D E ? In other words, do you just want me to demonstrate the breadth of my skills or would you rather have someone w/ lots of experience in one thing?

Greg’s Answer: The number one thing you have to keep in mind is that you are competing for a job. I would cover both if possible. If you can cover the breadth of experience required is great, but having strengths in the top areas of need are just as important.

The line between confidence and arrogance is really thin. If you tell me you’re great at something, you are bragging. If you can give me 2-3 examples during the interview of you demonstrating that skill, I will figure it out.

Thanks to everyone that submitted a questions. Our Summer internships will be posted through 11/30 at http://www.southwest.com/careers/internships.html.


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