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1, 2, 3, etc.: Superscript numbers in red, after a section title, indicate the number of items in the section for which direct links are provided to the text of the item, available online to Internet users in general. In the red superscript numbers I do not count items that are available online only to subscribers of a service such as JSTOR, netLibrary, Project Muse, or Questia.

The U.S. Army's Military History Institute, in Middlesex, Pennsylvania, has placed some useful material in its Army Heritage Collection Online.

The Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University, has placed online the full texts of a huge quantity of documents and other materials relating to the Vietnam War. This has become a major resource. The online catalog of the Vietnam Project lists both the items that have been placed online, and items that the project has on paper, but has not placed online (usually for copyright reasons). You can get to this catalog through the web site of the Vietnam Project. Once there, you can do a simple keyword search through all the collections there. Or you can choose the "advanced search" option on the search engine there, and click the "Collection Titles" button to choose one particular collection to search. Some of the more interesting collections in which a large proportion of the materials have been placed online, so can click on the links to get the actual texts of materials your search has turned up, are:

Larry Berman Collection (Westmoreland v. CBS). A huge body of material relating to U.S. intelligence about the Communist forces in South Vietnam, especially in the year 1967.

Central Intelligence Agency Collection

Contemporary Historical Examination Of Current Operations (CHECO) Reports Of Southeast Asia (1961-1975). CHECO was a U.S. Air Force project that wrote analyses of particular aspects of the Air War in Indochina while it was going on. Most reports were more than 50 pages long, some more than 200. Complete or almost complete texts of more than thirty of the reports have been placed online.

Joint Chiefs Of Staff History Of The Vietnam War, 1965-1967

My Lai Collection

Douglas Pike Collection: Unit 11 - Monographs. Includes some books and pamphlets published in Vietnam, books published by the U.S. Army, transcripts of congressional committee hearings, and other materials.

United States Armed Forces Manuals Collection

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association: Unit Histories - Air Force

STINET. This is a centralized service by which you can search a large database of papers and reports that were produced within the U.S. government but not published by the Government Printing Office. These include a lot of papers and theses written by officers attending the service schools of the various U.S. Military services. In some cases there is a link to the full text of the item, available online. The rest can be purchased from the National Technical Information Service.

J. Ransom Clark, of Muskingum College, has placed a very extensive bibliography The Literature of Intelligence on the Web. You can go to the home page, or jump directly to the table of contents for the Vietnam section of the bibliography.

Nicholas Sarantakes, of the Department of History, University of Southern Mississippi, has created a quite large and diversified listing of online resources, U.S. Diplomatic History Resources Index.

Edwin Moïse's homepage

All opinions expressed in this bibliography are my own. They are not the opinions of Clemson University. So far as I am aware, Clemson University does not have opinions on the subjects in question.


BIOSIS has export options for EndNote and Refworks - You can import references from the Official Gazette

Derwent Innovations Index (ISI Web of Knowledge's patent product) has export options for EndNote and Refworks, as well as tab-delimited text files.

Engineering Village, Elsevier offers US and EPO patent searching, which can be downloaded
• RIS, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager
• BibTex format
• RefWorks direct import
• Plain text format (ASCII)

ProQuest Materials Research database can export bib information from patents. Here is a link to Jan Comfort's LibGuide that gives instructions: Under the tab "Downloading Patents” is a series of PowerPoint slides with screenshots.


Michael White at Queens University has provided a detailed Comparison of Reference Managers and Supported Patent Databases and File Formats that compares Mendeley, Refworks, Wizfolio and Zotero.

EndNote, now with a free web-based service, has support for patents.

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