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7th Oct 2012, 19:27

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know any training or maintenance organization in UAE ( Abu Dhabi/Dubai) which conducts approved EASA PART-66 essay writing courses for modules 7,9,10.


SRT in AUH will do. Other companies once you approach them.

There is no such thing as an approved essay writing course, although an (un-approved) course may include unapproved exams.

Buying a classroom essay writing course without Part 147 approved exams included is a total waste of money; don't even consider it.

Don't be fooled by these courses being labelled "Part 147-approved". They are not, and cannot be; there is no provision within Part 147 for them.

What you may find, though is that the course is a magically apt preparation for the exams that go with it, if they do.

On the other hand the school may be under pressure to ensure that precisely the opposite happens, and may succumb to such pressure to appease its Regulator.

It's a minefield. Perhaps the best answer is to save 90% of your money and do one of those online courses that are available for £50 or so. They'll show you all you need to know about how to write the essay. If you don't know the technical material no essay writing course is going to help you.


9th Oct 2012, 08:50

Hey h3dxb, thanks for the reply. I'll contact SRT.

Hey Capot , Thanks for the true comments about the approved and unapproved essay writing courses.I know essays courses don't help if you if dont know the technical material.
Any suggestions which online course would help in essay writing??

Making no recommendations, I found this one on a well known website...(I was a bit out regarding the price, but it seems you get some essays marked as well)

Click here (


10th Oct 2012, 18:37

Thanks for the recomendation


12th Oct 2012, 14:45

Have a look here for on-line essay training! (


12th Oct 2012, 18:00


I'm not sure that the advice given there (copied below) applies to 20-minute EASA Part 66 essay exams; it would be excellent for a University essay, but not very practical for the Part 66 ones!

These simple steps will guide you through the essay writing process:

Decide on your topic (
Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas (
Write your thesis statement (
Write the body (

Write the main points.
Write the subpoints.
Elaborate on the subpoints.

Write the introduction (
Write the conclusion (
Add the finishing touches (


12th Oct 2012, 18:10

Hello Capot,
this is the basic essay layout for every essay, you wrote!

Fahad wrote about EASA part 66 essays for M7,9 & 10.
What there counts is
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!


22nd Oct 2012, 19:55

There is also another company named jet stream aviation .,.,.,providing the courses
address :
Airstream Aviation DWC-LLC
Oce unit 219, Dubai World Central HQ
P.O.Box 234674,
Al Maktoum International Airport
[email protected]<hidden>


27th Oct 2012, 09:02

Thanks Huzaifa. Do they conduct essay training courses in dubai or do they just conduct exams? Coz they are not replying on this emal add.


6th Nov 2012, 09:54

Dear use the contact number .,.,they give both the refresher as well as conduct exams


15th Dec 2012, 02:55

Huzaifa. Is Airstream Aviation an approved 147 organization


16th Dec 2012, 11:39

No,AIRSTREAM AVIATION is not an approved PART 147 organisation. It conducts approved training in affiliation with CITY OF BRISTOL COLLEGE UK( which is a part-147 training school)

Hi, IAAG-FRANCE conducting review/exam for PART-66 in dubai time to time. You can go for this review class and finish your whole part-66 exams(B1+B2) in a month. There are so many guys in UAE who got their CAA-UK licence with this exams papers. Training and exam will be conducted in the evening as per candidates convenience so you can easily get your licence without any problem. But the cost of this course/exam is quite costly. There is no information about this training in IAAG-FRANCE website. If i get any contact number of the person who conduct the exam, we will post it.


28th Aug 2014, 09:24

Essay Exams is a well profound for training and conduct the exam can be very handful for student either it is civil engineering exam and led the require for essay writing ( can help for student, how much he knows about topics with his knowledge level.

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We hold IR Part-66 (JAR-66) monthly examinations.
ICAT can examine to level A1, B1.1 and B2. From the 4th May 2009 each examination costs £40. All other charges are identified in the ‘ICAT Examination Requirements’ available below.

Applications must be received no less than three weeks before the examination date. All examinations are held on a Friday and start at 10:00 and 13:30, unless otherwise stated. A place in a morning or afternoon examination session cannot be guaranteed on application. Further guidance is given with the application form.

See latest exam dates

It’s easy to apply

  1. Download the Examination Entry Form
  2. Include BACS payment information / cheque
  3. Include any other necessary documentation
  4. Post the form to ICAT at:

Part-66 Examination Department, International Centre for Aerospace Training
Cardiff Airport Business Park, Port Road, Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 3DP

*Please ensure you have downloaded the most recent examination entry form using the link to the right. ICAT must receive all necessary documentation at least 3 weeks before the examination date.

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