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Generally, everyone has his own way of doing assignments and projects. Some of them prefer work in groups other students prefer to work independently. In my opinion, I prefer to work in some group with intelligent developed people. Since, I believe in that they can help me if I have some troubles in my assignments or projects. I will describe several reasons and examples for explaining my opinion in the following paragraphs.
First and foremost, I want to explain all advantages of group working. In my opinion, the collective of smart people is very good for everyone who wants to get something. For example, if I am work in some group of smart people I feel more comfortable my self and I believe in that, if I need some help they, I can ask them for help. It is very good to know that someone can help and support you. Also, I can ask their opinion. It is good to know opinions of others. Since, we always can learn something from surround us people.
Moreover, I think that working in some group is more interesting and allow us to work harder. Since, when I am alone I can get tired faster, but when I am working in some group I feel like someone gives me energy. Reason for that is my personality. I am a person, who never liked to be alone, since I like to be in collective with other people and having some fan with them or discuss something. That why, I prefer to work in some group. In my opinion, the best way for doing assignments or projects is to create some collective with smart guys.
On the other hand, I think that I can do some assignments or projects even if I am working by my self. Of course, it would be pretty much harder than working in some group, but it is good to be always ready for working alone. Also, some times I prefer to work alone. Since, it is good to know own abilities. So, in my opinion I think that sometimes we need to work by ourselves, just for understanding own aptitudes.
Finally, I would like to stress that the does not matter which way you prefer for doing your assignments or projects, important thing that we have to work hard on that. The best way for reaching your goals is to work hard for that. If we want to achieve great accomplishments, we have to work hard for that.

Writing essays is a skill, which every student is expected to develop. This is based on the fact that oftentimes, students are expected to submit written assignments in various fields. You could be asked to write about any topic, including current affairs, history, management and chemistry among other fields. Even one could also be asked to write an essay on group work.

Writing an essay on group work appears to be simple because it is an issue that is almost trivial to students and the rest of the world. Who doesn’t appreciate group work? Whether in learning or places of work, group plays a major role in achieving a common goal. For this reason students are encouraged to form groups for effective studies. Generally, group work has advantages and disadvantages as described in this article. Nonetheless, the pros exceed the cons.

Advantages of Group Work

In the context of studying, group work is known to promote collaborative learning. This is learning where students engage their abilities and skills to understand a given concept better than when it is handled by individuals. Additionally, studying in groups eliminates cases of students feeling isolated and lonely in school. In most cases, individual students find it hard to set the stage when handling an issue. However, this is never the case in group work since individuals consolidate their support for a unified goal.

Another important to remember when asked to write an essay on group work is that it promotes sharing of workload and responsibilities. For instance, there are cases where a task has various components, which can be handled by different people. In this case, it would be easier for these elements to be effectively handled in a group than at individual level.

Did you know that you can also learn from your peers?  It has been found out that students get opportunities to learn from their peers when they are allowed to handle various tasks in groups. This is because students have different abilities and skills, which influence others for better. At work place, working in groups helps employers to identify transferable skills among workers. For example, it is easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees especially in terms of leadership.

Disadvantages of Group Work

While group work has a host of merits, it also has its flip side. Firstly, individual students usually lack the power to control the task as compared to when the work is assigned to one person for completion. Additionally, some group members tend to dominate in terms of contributions while others may become dormant. In this case, the group may achieve its goal but limit other students.

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