Mother Divine Public School Holiday Homework

  Mother Divine Public School


Date sheet of Mock Test

Classes IX & X (2015-16)






15.02.16 - Monday


Social Science

16.02.16 - Tuesday

N O R M A L                    WORKING                                             DAY

17.02.16 - Wednesday

N O R M A L                    WORKING                                             DAY

18.02.16 - Thursday



19.02.16 - Friday

N O R M A L                    WORKING                                             DAY

20.02.16 - Saturday


21.02.16 - Sunday


23.02.16 - Tuesday



24.02.16 to 26.02.16 - Wednesday to Friday

Preparatory Holidays

29.02.16 - Monday

Social Studies

English (For School Conducted Students) Preparatory Holidays from 24th Feb. to 29th Feb. 2016 for Board Conducted Students

01.03.16 to 03.03.16 - Tuesday to Thursday

Preparatory Holidays

04.03.16 - Friday

Hindi / Sanskrit

Hindi / Sanskrit (For School Conducted Students)

05.03.16 - Saturday


06.03.16- Sunday


07.03.16 - Monday

Shivratri holiday

Shivratri holiday

08.03.16 to 09.03.16

Preparatory Holidays

Preparatory Holidays


note: (1) School timings on 15th Feb. to 19th Feb.  will remain as usual.

              (2) School timings on 23rd Feb., 29th Feb. and 4th March will be upto 12.00 noon.
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“ Knowledge leads to Liberation ”

We at MDPS lay our prime focus on imparting education through easy and understandable approach which is carried out at all levels. Be it Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary or Sr. Secondary.

Pre-Primary School

“ It is the foundation of the building that makes it stand strong in storm. ”

To give the tiny tots of our school a rock solid foundation, we have a separate Montessori Branch at B-9, Sec-3, Rohini. To provide a comfortable environment for learning, the class rooms are centrally air conditioned. The curriculum is designed so as to inculcate a passion for learning and self expression along with the mindset of continuous improvement among the young kids.

Primary School

“ Education sows no seeds in you, but makes your seeds grow ” - Kahlil Gibran

Primary School after being nurtured lovingly, patiently and with utmost care, the little Divinians are promoted to the Primary wing at the main branch.

Here at the primary wing the curriculum is child centered and activity based so that learning is made extremely enjoyable. The wing is equipped with smart class rooms that enable the child to visualize the concepts studied which leads to better understanding and sets the tone for the entire schooling years.

Middle School

“ The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves ” - Joseph Campbell

It is the most exciting, tumultuous and crucial years in any student’s life. At Mother Divine School the middle school years are focused at helping each child to cope up with all the changes, dilemmas and curiosities of adolescent stage with plethora of activities.

The curriculum designed permits wide scope for children to explore their interest and channelize their boundless energy and to hone their natural talent.

Senior School

“ Education is not. preparation for life education is life itself ”

While the focus is on preparing students for Board exams, inputs are also given so as to encourage physical, mental and moral growth and create in them a zest for learning.

Various activities are conducted to encourage the youngsters to appreciate the virtues of teamwork, to foster the habit of responsibility and to imbibe courage and determination to face the challenges of today’s fast paced world.

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