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You play a critical role in your job, and your cover letter should do justice to your unique abilities and experience. It is vital your letter speak directly to the employer’s needs so you immediately grab the hiring manager’s attention. Take a look at our free digital marketing manager cover letter template to get started (see below). The accompanying advice will help you understand how you can build and use your new cover letter.

What to Include in a Digital Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Think of your cover letter as your introduction. It sets the tone for your entire interaction with this hiring decision maker and it should be top notch. Start by finding out exactly who that decision maker is, and address the letter directly to them. If you can’t find a name, address it to the company. Never use a general or a gender-specific greeting.The key to your letter is targeting it to the specific needs of your industry, and the unique requirements of the employer. The job posting will tell you exactly what they are seeking; you should use it to uncover which elements of your own expertise should be highlighted. Sell yourself from the opening to the closing paragraphs. Focus on how you not only have the expertise to fill the position, but you will excel and help the company in the process.General guidelines include keeping your cover letter to less than one page and use three to five paragraphs. Carefully eliminate typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Always keep the tone professional, positive, and confident.

Sample Cover Letter

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Cover Letter Content
You would have to search at great lengths to find someone who could bring as much enthusiasm, energy, and creativity as I could to the position of digital marketing manager at Sawyer Marketing. I have exemplified my commitment to business success by leading numerous customer campaigns with clear results. I am excited by the opportunity to use my experience, knowledge, and keen customer sense to help you capture new business and achieve your customer and company goals. I bring more than 20 years’ marketing experience and a strategic vision focused on long term goals. I know how to juggle multiple simultaneous operational and customer needs while ensuring objectives are met, processes are improved, and clients are highly satisfied with results. My strengths include usability improvements, strategic content management, social media planning, SEO/SEM, and campaign development. My collaborative nature, creativity, and ability to develop out-of-the-box, innovative solutions are the driving factors in my demonstrated track record of success. I never shy from stepping up to meet changing needs, overcome challenges, and devise strategic plans to meet dynamic market conditions.The combination of skills I’ve described in this letter gives me a solid foundation upon which to make an immediate and meaningful contribution to your organization. If upon reviewing my qualifications you agree that I would be able to contribute to the plans and goals of your company, I would be pleased to meet with you to further discuss my background and ideas for future development. Thank you for your consideration.

Digital Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Digital Marketing Managers oversee internet marketing campaigns from the program management process to the campaign’s execution. They are also typically required to provide direction to the other members of the marketing team, including the copywriter, web designer, and sales executives.

Along with your resume, your cover letter is one of the first things your prospective employer will see that will allow them to get to know you as a professional. It is important that your cover letter be friendly but professional, accurate, and contain correct usages of spelling and grammar.

Job descriptions for Digital Marketing Managers list responsibilities like:

  • Managing social media efforts to include press releases, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Developing, creating, and executing strategic email campaigns in order to promote products, services and promotional offers
  • Managing and tracking sales force leads and ongoing database development and maintenance through

A sample cover letter for a Digital Marketing Manager which effectively conveys the skills and experience necessary to the position appears below. Also, be sure to check out our extensive Digital Marketing Manager resume samples.

Dear Ms. Eloise Meyer:

Having elevated the performance and profitability of diverse organizations through expert alignment of innovative marketing and advertising strategies, I am writing to offer your company more than 15 years of experience in creative development/leadership of promotional campaigns and creative marketing management. As a reputable and honored contributor to many top organizations, I am confident in my abilities to generate superior results for your company as Digital Marketing Manager.

A sample of key contributions includes:

  • Optimized company image through high quality print, multi-media presentations, product packaging, web site design, educational literature, and marketing communication materials, expanding client base.
  • Pioneered a communication strategy that propelled a product from inception to the highest selling graphics card on the market within 18 months.
  • Spearheaded revenue growth from $4M to $40M+ worldwide through developing front-end communication strategies for the desktop publishing division.
  • Increased overall response rate by 47% for a technology client through targeted branding and innovative marketing strategy for a library software product.

As a detail-oriented individual with a passion for excellence, I am adept at listening to client’s needs, then analyzing and implementing the best designed solution. I have devoted my career to developing winning marketing strategies, fostering brand recognition and growth while positively impacting businesses and communities.

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as an introduction to my skills and background. For a more detailed presentation of my offerings, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a conference. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to our conversation.


Josephine Sanders

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